MSS Urban Adjustable Ride System – BMW X3 X4 G01 G02

Part# 05aBMWX34SU

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MSS Urban is our latest addition and has been developed to specifically meet the needs of the SUV driver looking for a significant ride-quality upgrade over OEM and traditional aftermarket suspension options.

Enhancing the versatility of the SUV, MSS' unique dual-stacked, triple-rated springs overcome the demands of day-to-day driving, including more driving stability and a reduction in the discomfort often felt on rough roads.

Our passion for SUV owners to enjoy the benefits of a superior suspension has resulted in each URBAN product being finely tuned and fully optimized to work perfectly with your specific SUV model. This will deliver a smoother and more comfortable ride perfect for longer journeys, the steering demands of city driving or maximizing open road opportunities. Upgrade your ride quality and experience your SUV in a whole new way.

Chassis Code G01 & G02. 2017 to present. Front lowering range: 0 to -40mm (+/-3mm). Rear lowering range: 0 to -40mm (+/-3mm). Recommended rake setup 20mm positive.

System Parts

  • MSS Ride Adjusters / Couplers
  • MSS Ride Controllers
  • MSS Ride Enhancers
  • MSS Adjuster tool  


  • G01 X3

  • G02 X4